500 KG - 25.000 KG Traglast

Roll-, Haspel-,

  • Hergestellt in den Niederlanden


  • Developed for extremely small curved beams
  • Suspension of all types of hoists
  • Excellent characteristics due to special slewing points and guidance wheels
  • Articulated trolley always designed for one specific fixed beam type
  • Standard surface treatment, 2 layer Alkyd paint 80 μm, RAL 7021
  • Trolley wheels with lifetime lubricated bearings
  • Wheel break supports and anti-tilt device integrated


  • Special constructional design to suit specific hoist type
  • Rubber buffers on trolley
  • Stainless steel name plates
  • Load test, with certifi cate
  • Non corrosive treatments, special surface protection for aggressive environments, outdoor applications, offshore & marine environments. Reference to page 42 of this catalogue for detailed application information

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