500 KG - 3,200 KG lifting capacity

HD3C Stainless Steel
Push & Geared Trolleys

  • Solution for extremely corrosive atmospheres
  • EC machinery directive 2006/42/EC
  • EN13157
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands


  • Suitable for various applications such as on offshore platforms and in chemical and food industries.
  • Trolley chassis, wheels, bearings, shafts and other construction parts are from SS316 or duplex material, fasteners in A4
  • Unique 3 bolt design which ensures stability and safe situation
  • Suitable for all types of beams
  • Straight fixed suspension bolt with spacers
  • Wheel break support and anti-tilt device integrated
  • Trolley wheels with life time lubricated bearings
  • Suitable for all types of beams
  • Hand chain SS316


  • Extended chain wheel drive (max. 300mm) dimension “M”
  • Parking device for parking in unloaded condition
  • Special side plates to increase dimension “E”
  • Rubber buffers mounted on trolley
  • 3.1 load test certificate
  • General arrangement drawing in 2D dwg and 3D step file


The minimum beam radius is based on the maximum beam width which is specified in the table. For smaller curved beams always contact us or your local agent for clarification.

Product Flyer

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