1,100 KG - 5,300 KG lifting capacity

HD3C Swinging Beam Trolley for hand operated crane

  • EC machinery directive 2006/42/EC
  • EN13157
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands


  • Smooth running along crane gantry by flexible ball joint suspension system
  • Ball joint made from S355, suitable for welding
  • Fixed suspension set for specified crane gantry beam width
  • Wheel break support and anti-tilt device integrated
  • Easy click in system for the hoists.
  • Trolley wheels with lifetime lubricated bearings
  • Suitable for all types of beams
  • Surface treatment trolley electric galvanized chassis, wheels and wheel shafts. Suspension set in Zinc primer + top coat


  • Mounting plate for bolt suspension to crane girder
  • Rubber buffers mounted on trolley
  • Stainless steel trolley wheels
  • Special side plates to increase dimension “E”
  • 3.1 load test certificate
  • Special surface protection according ISO 12944
  • Stainless steel execution
  • Customized solutions
  • General arrangement drawing in 2D dwg and 3D step file

Technical information

  • Maximum span (S) is 8m for all capacities
  • For crane with an outreach larger than (T) contact us or your local supplier
  • Please always specify your girder type
  • Maximum INP profile restriction for 11kN = INP300, 22kN = INP360, 33kN= INP400, 52kN = INP450

Product Flyer

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