500 KG - 5,000 KG lifting capacity

Manual Underslung Crane - ATEX

  • Manufactured in the Netherlands


  • Van Leusden under slung cranes are available as complete cranes as well as crane kits for self-construction.
  • Explosion protected model in Basic/Medium execution suitable up till Ex Class Ex II 2 G IIB T3 (Zone 1&2) Non Sparking protection of fast moving mechanical contact parts and rubber buffers on crane
  • Explosion protected model in High execution suitable up till Ex Class Ex II 2 G IIC T3 (Zone 1)
  • Non sparking protection of fast moving mechanical contact parts rubber buffers, increased with non sparking protection of crane wheels and hand chains
  • The suspended under slung cranes are executed withsolid material single flange wheels, suitable for allkinds of crane gantries.
  • The cranes are of low maintenance type and have limited wear and tear parts
  • The cranes delivered complete with: Manual geared drive, Control height 3 m, control chain, Surface protection Shot blasting + primer + top coat in RAL1007, S.W.L. Sticker, Users manual
  • Crane kits for crane-constructors: A complete set of wheel boxes, with transversal shaft, bearing blocks, hand chain wheel, hand chain, accompanied by a dimensional sketch. Shot blasted + primer
  • Basic welding execution, Crane girder to be welded to the wheelboxes
  • Crane girder to be provided by crane-constructor


  • Wheel boxes with screw fittings to the crane girder.
  • Higher capacities, double girder cranes, low headroom types
  • Special executions as low headroom etc.
  • Special surface treatment
  • For suitable Hoist and Trolley units see our other catalogue pages

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